The iPhone was revealed significant privacy loophole

  Comprehensive report the web technology to the iPhone’s privacy problem has bec

ome the focus of attention.Recently, there is a safety agency said apple FaceTime major defec

ts, when users use the function call, can be in each other before the answer or refuse to answer, can hear the other person.

  This also means that the user can eavesdrop on any basically talk iOS users.

And, more importantly, speech won’t perceive someone eavesdropping on the conversations.

  Have foreign media by making the iPhone X using FaceTim

e with iPhone XR recreates the user calls this defect.It is und

erstood that the defects affect the running iOS 12.1 and updated version of the iOS operating system iOS devices.

  It is unclear whether the iPhone users should be how to avoid because of the defect is under attack, only waiting for a

pple to release software patches.Now proven just microphone is affected, the flaw does not affect the cam

era temporarily, the user temporarily don’t have to worry about his every move is likely to be monitored.

Land rover bump people death 15 case” criminal Yang cl

execution of orders, hengyang city intermediate people’s court of endangering public se

curity with dangerous method of criminal Yang praise cloud executed in accordance with the law.

At seven o ‘clock on September 12, 2018, 30, the criminal Yang xiang D133ZY praise cloud driving land r

over into hengdong county Mi jiang square, impact roller compaction, and its folding shovel knife

cut, the sword of the crowd at the scene.Then Yang praise cloud was police arrested.A total of 15 people died in the in

cident, 6 people seriously injured, 28 people minor injuries, minor injury, 3 damage slightly.

On December 12, 2018, hengyang city intermediate people’s court hearing the case publicly and convi

cted in court, the defendant Yang praise cloud committed crime of endangering public security in a dan

gerous way, sentenced to death and deprived of political rights for life.Yang praise cloud no appeal, hunan province high

er people’s court by the review in accordance with the law, and report to the supreme people’s court for app

roval.The supreme people’s court ruled on January 18, 2019 approved for Yang cloud of death sentences.

In accordance with the law, hengyang city intermediate people

‘s court before the execution, arrange the criminal Yang met with relatives praise cloud, fully saf

eguard the legitimate rights of the executed criminals.(CCTV reporter XiDan neon)

Police in northeast China Daily: the phone infuriate the

  A northeast police “suspect” about frame to capture video, recently became the source of joy for netizens.Th

e video tells the story of heilongjiang province in 2018 red xinglong anti-drug brigade public s

ecurity bureau police foiled one drug cases.The case cause red xinglong public security bureau traffic police bri

gade seized an unlicensed drivers.After testing found that the drivers smoked meth, it passed to the bra

nch of narcotics squad, after the police began to ultimately traced the source of the drug.

  In the process of track suspects, through the investigation, the police lock the suspected of drug and

the official said.But in one of the suspected drug Jin Yanlong capture process, the police have enc

ountered a problem: the police of its data is limited, only one don’t know whether still use cell phone number, and the

suspect oneself also is cunning, worried that protects would startle the police made a difficult.

  The police finally decided to play the mobile phone number to see case, did not think of suspect really answered the phone

with police quarrel happened.Police decided to countermine the derivation, the “straight” suspect as exp

ected rise to the bait, and civilian police agreed to meet after twenty minutes.

“Hong Kong four wicked” liver cancer lee shau kee, special

  Actor lee shau kee, starred in a upon shef, May

2, such as classic, he often plays villain in the movie, the audience was impressed.

  Because the image of the villain, and fatt lee s

hau kee, nut, bill and others, won the “Hong Kong four wicked” together.

  In the film, lee shau kee, devils, chilling, but in real life, the late lee life was very hard.Beca

use two strokes, the 69 – year – old Mr Lee lee is already did not

have the ability to work, so there is no income, depends on the family support to life.

  It never rains but it pours, it was found suffering from liver cancer after lee

shau kee it really is another blow for him.Because at 69, lee wanted to give up treatment, don’t want to, through the life and

death.But in friends and family persuaded, he finally agreed to the surgery operation.

Rainie sorry party sister sun group photo The lens

  27, rainie in personal social account

bask in a group photo with good sisters michelle C

hen, and a caption said: “sisters and so-called.My baby cyclone back to Taiwan

for work, will fly out tom

orrow, still take time to come to my house to meet with me tonight.Although

only a short span of more than one hour, bu

t good meet, all my pajamas with large plain yan, strong filter can only cover up

the yellow face shiva.Then michelle Chen su

n do as good sisters also said: “I like us”, in the picture two people on the lens show MOE and lovely girl.

  27, rainie in personal social account bask in a group photo with good sisters m

ichelle Chen, and a caption said: “sisters and so-called.My baby cyclone ba

ck to Taiwan for work, will fly out tomorrow, still take time to come to my hou

se to meet with me tonight.Although only a short span of more than one hour, but good meet, all my pajamas with large pla

in yan, strong filter can only cover up the yellow face shiva.Then michelle Chen sun

do as good sisters also said: “I like us”, in the picture two people on the lens show MOE and lovely girl.

p ten consumer infringement event” # 2: QuanJian

Events:Cancer girl force on Tuesday, the father of zhou Yang, in QuanJian nature medici

ne technology development co., LTD. Relevant personnel to let her daughter to give u

p chemotherapy, instead taking its anti-cancer products, eventually lead to the age

of 6, zhou his condition deteriorated and died.On January 7, 2019, tianjin wu qing peo

ple’s procuratorate on suspicion of charges, such as organization and le

adership pyramid selling activities in accordance with the criminal detained Qua

nJian bouquet of xyz company actual controller, etc. 16 people.

he government over the years continued to increase health food market sup

ervision, but under the drive of huge benefits, health care products industry cha

os has no cure.There is still a lawless companies making false propaganda, “di

rect selling banner in MLM, red line the law again and again, ignoring the co

nsumer rights and interests, misleading KengPian consumers, and even endanger th

e safety of consumers’ life.For health care products advertising false exaggerating, la

w enforcement should be zero tolerance.And, more importantly, to “

The four goddesses of sports meet: Hui Ruoqi, Xie Xingfang

On the evening of January 22, 2018, at the award ceremony of “China Sports 20 Years” held by Sina Sports, many Chinese athlete

s gathered to attend the event. Women’s volleyball champion Hui Ruoqi, nine-ball-day-old Pan Xiaoting, badm

inton world champion Xie Xingfang and gymnastics Olympic champion Liu Xuan, the four goddess of the sports arena, dressed up in splendid costumes.

Hui Ruoqi won the award of “20-year influential figure in Chinese sports”. She said: “Thank Sina Sports for giving every athlet

e every bit of record, recording our exclusive memory, growth and achievements. This award is more because I am in this glorious collective. I am ve

ry honored to be able to dedicate my youth to the team of Chinese women’s volleyball team. Although I can’t fight bravely

on the field after retirement, I will bring the love of sports to more places and let more children feel the charm of sports.

Hui Ruoqi wore a red skirt and wavy hairstyle. Her face was a little plump, but she was still full of temperament.

Lin Dan was awarded the 20-year influential figure in Chinese sports. Because Lin Dan participated abroad, his wife Xie Xingfang came to the scene to repla

ce Lin Dan to award the prize. Xie Xingfang, 38, became an entrepreneur. She dressed in beautiful clothes and had a good temperament.

She said: “Lindane is the most favorite and loved badminton person I’ve ever seen. H

e won two Grand Slams and two Olympic championships, but he’s not retir

ed yet. He’s still playing in Indonesia. Our family will continue to promote sportsmanship as a sportsman.”

Liu Xuan won the “Chinese Sports 20 Years Cross-border Fashion Award”. When she came to power, the host praised her very well.

Wang Yuanfang denied prosecuting Fan Bingbing, did not

Recently, some media reported that Fan Bingbing owed TFBOYS member Wang Yua

nyuan tens of millions of yuan, and that his mother was ready to sue. In response, Fan Bingbing voiced denial, saying that arre

ars were false rumors, saying that Wang Yuan’s endorsement and fees had been settl

ed before the termination of the contract, and there was no problem of arrears.

On the other hand, Wang Yuanfang denied suing Fan Bingbing. The studio issu

ed a statement on rumors such as “Wang Yuan will sue Fan Bingbing” on the inte

rnet, saying that the relevant contents are false information and enjoy working with Fan

Bingbing and his team during the period of cooperation. The expenses related to “Big

Master” have been settled as scheduled, and there is no case of recovering film rem

uneration. It also said that lawyers have been entrusted to deal with the matter and infringers will be investigated by law.

Fans of the two artists also came forward to clarify. First of all, Wang Yuan’s fans said:

no rumors, pay attention to works, Wang Yuan’s brother, the first performer in Berlin Film Festival after 00, the amb

assador of UNICEF, made two speeches at United Nations Headquarters. Time Maga

zine of the United States was selected as one of the 30 most influential young peo

ple in the world. After 00, Wang Yuan’s younger brother starred in Hollywood Maj

or Productions and Global Persons Column. Home, the originator of the Sour

ce Fund. At the age of 18, she has participated in the creation of 10 songs.

Fan Bingbing’s fans said: Mr. Wang Yuan had a good time with Ms. Fan Bingbing and the team. Fans of Ice House also ap

preciated Wang Yuan’s little brother. After retrieving tens of millions of pieces of remuneration, it is said that the Int

ernet is not an illegal place. We will severely condemn such acts and resolutely defend the legitimate rights an

d interests of artists of both sides in view of malicious rumors made by people with ulterior motives.

Accident!3 years old boy crush injured by a car Su

  Child safety accident, has been a topic that starts.Because have not grown up children, various aspects ability is lacking, this requires parents to are very conce

rned about the trend of children, and attention to children’s safety.If parents have a slight negligence, or is hol

d fluky psychology, often will inevitably occur accidentally.It doesn’t, two unfortunate children event again.

  Child safety

  A child safety accident:3 years old boy rolling by a car。According to the Associ

ated Press, December 22, 2018, at around 12 at noon, xintang park in shenzhen nanshan district shahe street int

ersection, a boy don’t know why, suddenly came to the middle of the road, and sat down on the ground to pla

y.Period, and no parents immediately ran to the boy up.And accidents in the ens

uing followed, into a corner a car from a nearby road, the front wheel rolling to the boy.Realized after the ac

cident, the car stopped immediately.Then, just have a suspected the

boy’s parents have run in the past, passing people also have to help lift cars to rescue the boy.

  The road

  Although emergency hospital treatment, the boy still 58 points and 1 PM o

n the day.It is understood that the boy was only 3 years old, it is very painful lessons together.For children, parents hav

e to learn, really need more attention.Don’t wait for the things to know regret, that time is too late.

  The front wheel

  Child safety accident 2:Children’s sudden illness in guangxi。According to the n

ews, on January 19, 2019, 23 PM in the evening, guangxi CenXi waxy Dong town, zhang village dragon a family of thr

ee children, one expiration become pipagao in sudden serious illness suspected.One of them died on the spot in t

he home;One child was taken to hospital in after the rescue invalid death.The last one children is hos

pital.The local party and government office at 1 PM the next day or so received the news.

  Become pipagao in

  Party and government office immediately start working with the inv

estigation, a preliminary screening, one referred to in the child’s death is not the v

illagers become pipagao in date.The specific cause of death to will be subject to relevant authorities released.The foll

ow-up investigation and disposal work, as well as the work is under way to appease kids relatives.

Sun nan couple “mencius’s mother three times”, reveali

  Sun nan recently wife Pan Wei accepted an interview, in an interview how we

conceive of the husband and wife shall have the update.Their way of life with the majori

ty of the entertainment industry is different, really insipid and rich.

  Actually Pan Wei is sun nan’s second wife, buy red sister sun nan ex-wife is mainlan

d comedian.Remember the sun nan and buy red sister has spread the news of the marria

ge, but was denied by the parties.But with one ins

ider said two people break up already.In May 2

011, when two people together in agent wedding, force to break the breakup rumor

s.But in the same year in September Pan Wei Sun Nansheng under a daughter.

  Emotional experience ups and downs of sun

nan, appeared career crisis, has been spread sun nan smoking bad things becau

se of the Internet rumors, but sun nan to clarify many times.The birth of the little girl is

a spiritual gave sun nan, accompanied him had the lowest of his career.

  Pan Wei is also a second marriage, and the former also has a daughter, two people divorce, combining again gave the child the intangible.According to Pan Wei said in an interview, compare with the younger son a disgusted with big daughter, one for things are not willing to take responsibility, so talks with sun nan Pan Wei decided to the whole family moved to xuzhou, because the traditional culture of xuzhou has a long history school, they want their children to learn again, and change.

  The family in xuzhou to rent a house to live, 700 yuan, a month’s rent.A few mouth people lived in a house of one hundred square meters, the surrounding environment also is not very good, people have questioned the choice of two people, but the two people feel although environment, but the heart is very rich.Pan Wei open material wealth have experienced, but it is very spiritual void, although now life is very simple, very satisfied, but the heart is very dull.

  After a few children came to the new environment, also had the new change, draw and write instead of the game became the children’s daily.Like the sun nan, a way of life should be a handful of all entertainment.Showbiz star because of busy schedules and material temptation, heart is very impetuous, so just can have so many divorce, marriage and divorce.